Plesk Panel

Plesk panel is one of the known web hosting control panels which is mostly working on Windows and Linux servers. Its commercial web hosting platform allows users and administrators to control the websites.

What is a subscription in Plesk?

Subscription is an instance or an agreement that allows users or resellers to use the allocated resources which defined through the service plan. It is similar to assigning packages to a cPanel account in WHM. A subscription will act as a key to a customer and service plans that are created in the Plesk panel. Typically, these subscriptions in the Plesk panel can be handled through Administrator or Reseller level privileges.

How to unlock the subscription?

Sometimes the subscription may be locked for syncing when the administrator unknowingly enable while setting up a custom service plan at the time of new domain customer panel creation.

subscription in Plesk

We need to unlock it manually while assigning a new plan to this subscription in Plesk or to replicate the changes made in existing service plan.  This can be accomplished by unlocking and syncing the subscription in a manual way. Follow the steps listed below to complete this process

Step 1: Login to your Plesk panel as an Admin or Reseller.

subscription in Plesk

Step 2: Now click on the locked subscription in Plesk which needs to unlock and sync with the new plan.

Select the option 'Websites and Domains'

Step 3: Locate the “Unlock and sync” option in the right corner of the current page window and do click on it.subscription in Plesk