Joomla VS WordPress

WordPress and Joomla both are good Content Manage System(CMS)

Both Joomla and WordPress contains the number of themes and templates, to allow you to design and customize your website.


The WordPress and Joomla both are free and open source software licensed under GPL.

WordPress is the perfect for the beginner because of ease of use. It’s suitable for small or medium sized websites, small e-commerce site, and blog site.

you have to install WordPress within 5 minutes by using the softaculous auto installer.

Joomla is also open source and installs by using the softaculous auto installer. After the installation, the user can’t view on a control panel that is not as straightforward as WordPress. There are just too many menus to click on and customize your site. Joomla is suitable for e-commerce, social networking site and also you need to basic technical skill to handle Joomla.

Themes and Plugins:

WordPress has 1000’s of themes and Joomla it’s more difficult to tell and nobody seems to have an answer to the exact number on either platform.

You can easy to install and customize with WordPress themes and to download the templates and upload in the template directory then make it in the default one.

Joomla templates are more and you can easily fine tune to the project in hand. In WordPress themes are created with a specific task so requiring more attention when selecting the themes.

WordPress has more than 40,000 plugins, it helps to extend the functionality of your site and Joomla includes the same range of plugins to increase the functionality.  You can easily search the plugins in WordPress, in  Joomla search plugins in outside of your Joomla installation.


Security is the important thing for websites.  It has secured with automated backup, two-factor authentication. Joomla is similar to WordPress when it comes security.

WordPress and Joomla both are super best Content Management System. Joomla has included more features than WordPress is easy to develop the site within non-developer, plugin and themes. But overall the WordPress and Joomla both are fantastic content management system.

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