The SpamAssassin is an open-source tool used to filter and separate an email while blocking spam. Through a combination of subject line and body text analysis, Bayesian filtering, and DNS blacklists, SpamAssassin drastically limits and can prevent spam from touching your inbox in cPanel.

Creating a Spam Filter

Steps to create email filters and specify SpamAssassin to filter the incoming messages.

Step: 1 Click the “cPanel Email” section, then click the option of “Global Email Filters,” in a cPanle and select the “Create New Filter.”

Global Email Filter

Create New Filter

Step:2 Fill the Filter name of the spam emails that you have going to filter. Then, select the option of “Spam Bar” from the first menu in the “Rules” section and then choose the option of “Contains” from the second menu in that same section.

Step:3 In that page, enter a spam score using a series of Plus(+) symbols, with a score 5 being an adequate number for an individual user. Select the option of “Deliver to folder” from the “Actions” section and enter the required name of the folder to which you would like to direct spam.

Deliver to Folder

Step:4 Finally, click “Create” to activate the spam filter and your first filter is set up.


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