How to Add Tags in WordPress?


The Tag is a piece of small information that is attached to the main content or post for the purpose of identification. It says the visitors what actually this post is about. If the tag is mentioned as properly then it helps to find the content very easily. Each post can have multiple tags and visitors can click on the tag to find the similar posts linked to the same tag.

Steps to Add Tags in WordPress:

Adding tags to a post is completely optional and you can add as many tags needed for the post. These tags will be displayed either at the beginning or end of the post. A tag can be added to the post while writing a blog itself.

The below Following steps is to Add Tags in WordPress.

Step 1 − Click on option Posts → Tags in WordPress.Tags

Step 2 − Then the Tags page will be get displayed.

Enter the following details in the Tags field which is helpful for SEO.

  • Name − Enter the name of tags in the Name field.
  • Slug − A word chosen to describe your post in then Slug Field. It is specified in the tags URL.
  • Description − Add a brief description of your tag in the Description Field. It gets displayed when you search on the tag.

After filling all the information about Tags, click the Add New Tag button.Fields

Step 3 − The newly created tags will be get displayed on the right-hand side of the page as shown in the below following screenshot.Description

The newly created tags can be assigned to each post directly. WordPress gives two easy ways to add tags to your website. When writing a blog, it can be added using Tags box on the right side of the screen or it can be directly added by going to Posts -> Tags.  

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