In the computing world, security is the most important and un-negligible aspect of every business. You may have any kind of websites like e-commerce, personal website, blog but you should enable some security features like SSL certificate in order to keep your website out of potential security threats.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, it’s a global standard security technology which enables encrypted communication between a web server and web browser. This security feature is being used by millions of individuals and online business companies. In general word, SSL Certificates are nothing but the small data files that are digitally bonded with a cryptographic key to an organisation or company’s details. When this SSL certificate is installed on a web server, it activates the https protocol and green padlock before the domain URL.

When this SSL certificate is activated and https protocol is enabled the connection between browser and server is made through the port number 443 and it’s a secured port. This SSL technology protects your website or reduces the risk level of sensitive information like username, passwords, credit card number from being tampered or stolen by hacker or identity thieves.

SSL Working Procedure

This SSL certificate is also known as Digital Certificate. The below image illustrates the procedural steps between SSL enabled website’s server and the client browser.

The above graphical image illustrates that when a client browser tries to connect the SSL secured website, it will send a request to the web server of the website. Once the browser request is received by the web server, then it will copy its SSL certificate to the browser. The browser checks the SSL certificate whether is it trusted or not, and when the verification is over, the browser will send an acknowledgement to the browser for encrypted connection session.

Types of SSL Certificates:

The SSL certificates are categorised based upon CA(Certificate Authority) which checks the right of the applicant. The different types of SSL certificates are,

  • Shared SSL Certificate.
  • Domain Validated Certificate.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate.
  • Organisational Validation.
  • Extended Validation.
  • Multi-domain SSL Certificate

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