The full form of RTPS is Real-Time Publish-Subscribe. The Real-Time Publish-Subscribe is specially designed for one to many multicasts. It is a Data Distribution Service (DDS) protocol for computer systems which allows multi-vendor Data Distribution Service (DDS) implementations to communicate. Real-Time Publish-Subscribe provides two main communication models, they are the publish-subscribe protocol and the Composite State Transfer. The publish-subscribe protocol transfers data from publishers to subscribers whereas the Composite State Transfer (CST) protocol, which transfers state.

Some well-known features in Real Time Publish-Subscribe are listed below:

* It has good scalability which enables the systems to scale to very large publish subscribe networks.
* In RTPS, without single points of failure fault tolerance it allows the creation of networks.
* Performance and Quality-of-Service (QoS) properties enable attempting and reliable publish-subscribe communications for real-time applications using standard IP networks.
* RTPS Configurability allows balancing the requirements of reliability and timeliness for each data delivery transaction.
* It’s service allow automatic, configuration-less discovery by applications joining and leaving the network at any time when it Plug-and-play connectivity for new applications.
* Extensibility allowing backward compatibility and interoperability with extensions of the protocol and enhancement with new services.

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