How To Rename File On the Server Using Secure copy(SCP)

How to rename a file in server using SCP
Rename File On the Server Using SCP.

Rename File using secure copy-SCP Graphical Illustration

Secure copy-SCP

SCP or Secure copy is a securely transferring computer files in the following ways

  • from your local machine to a remote machine
  • from a remote machine to your local machine
  • between two remote machines

Step 1:

If you want to view the filename

scp  filename host:

Step 2:

If your username on the remote system is different from your username on the system you are currently using, the command.

scp filename [email protected]


Other than home directory, If you want to copy a file to a directory on the remote system, you need to add a path after the ‘:’ colon that follows the hostname:

scp filename [email protected]:/path/to/other/destination/directory

The command to renaming a file on the server:

scp filename [email protected]:filenewname

To copy files from one host to another, use the following syntax:

scp [[[email protected]]host1:]file1 ... [[[email protected]]host2:]file2



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