How to use Python Selector you should Install Alternative Python Packages

Installing Python Alternative Packages
Installing Python Alternative Packages

What is Python Selector?

The Python Selector permits end users to select the particular version of Python they have.

Each of your customers is completely different, and each has totally different desires.

It permits end users to decide on the Python version as an application and install further modules.

It uses mod_passenger to induce the simplest performance from Python applications.

Supported Alt-Python versions include:

  • alt-python27 2.7.9, is supported by CloudLinux 5, CloudLinux 6, CloudLinux 7
  • alt-python33 3.3.2, is supported by CloudLinux 6, CloudLinux 7
  • alt-python34 3.4.1, is supported by CloudLinux 6, CloudLinux 7
  • The Python Selector requires LVE Manager 0.9-1 or later. but, as an administrator, you’ll prefer to merely hide the Python Selector option and it’ll not seem within the user interface.

Without CloudLinux OS, the way to handle a client needing a unique version of Python is to move the client to VPS, that is usually expensive and may encourage your client to move to a distinct hosting supplier.

Commands to Python-Selector

yum groupinstall alt-python




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