The tips for improving the speed of a website is given below

1. Content:

Create the content with fewer HTTP requests and also reduce too many Redirects and DNS Lookups.

2. Server:

In the server, use Content Delivery Network (CDN) for boosting up the speed of the website. And also, configure ETags and use GET for Ajax Requests.

3. Cookie:

Reduce the size of the cookie and also use cookie-free domains for components.

4. CSS:

Avoid filters and CSS Expressions for boosting the speed performance. And also, keep stylesheets at the top.

5. JavaScript:

Using JavaScript, develop Smart Event Handlers and also minimize DOM Access. Make CSS and JavaScript as external and also put scripts at the bottom.

6. Mobile:

To boost the speed of the website, keep the components under 25KB size and also pack components into a multipart document.



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