Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by James Gosling and others at Sun Microsystems. Now, it is maintained by Oracle. It is widely used in creating the Internet applications and also other software programs. It is platform-independent, robust and secured.

Pros of Java:

1. Great demand for Java developers:

Java is the most widely used language for developing software and other web apps. A report from in May 2015 concluded that java development is the most desired software building skill.

2. An Evolving Language:

In Java, new features can be added and extended in any platform.

3. Anchor’s Android Apps development:

Google’s Android mobile platform is ranked as the number one mobile platform in the world.

Cons of Java:

1. Uses a lot of memory:

Java utilizes more memory than C++.

2. Learning curve:

Java is neither the easiest nor toughest language to learn. It is a vast subject for learning.

3. Slow startup times:

Anyone who tries to create an Android app using Java knows about the simulator code running on the desktop.




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