How to make animated GIF part2

An animated GIF is an image encoded in Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). GIF contains a number of images or frames in a single file and it is described by its own graphic control extension. Animated GIFs are easy to work and are supported by all web browsers.

Apps for Creating Animated GIF:

An Animated GIF can be created by using apps like GifCam and GifMaker.


GifCam is a free and easy fun animated GIF-making application. It is a Windows Desktop Application. It works like a camera which stays on top of the windows that can be moved and resized to record a data. GifCam is a handy and reliable application designed to record the screen and to convert the recordings into GIF format. The users can also record one frame at a time. It supports to define the recording frame rate, to select the color quality, to add a text in frames, capture the cursor and much more. Some of the features of GifCam are listed below

  • GIF file size can be reduced by drawing transparent pixels.
  • It can capture the cursor easily.
  • It can record the full screen.
  • Texts can be added easily in the image.


Here are some tips for using GifCam:

  • When recording a video select high-quality option that will generate a wider green screen and reduce gif size.
  • The less color the gif has the less gif size you get, try to balance the quality with the size.
  •  “Delete even frames” is your tool to delete half the frames and keep the animation.


GifMaker is a free app for Android which allows creating own animated GIFs by combining separate image files or frames. It can also be used to edit, shorten or merge the existing GIFs. Some of the features of GifMaker are as follows

  • It allows the users to create or edit GIFs from photos or videos
  • It helps to decorate GIFs with stickers
  • The user can modify the image size and change the aspect ratio
  • The user can crop the video
  • Texts can be added easily.


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