The Pico and Vi are the famously used Text editors in Unix and Linux based systems. Here you will see, the major difference between Pico vs Vi Editor.

Vi (and Vim) Editor

Vi or its later generation enhanced version, Vim, has been part of Linux from the start. You can duck in and duck out in a second on this Vi editor, which is great for rapid changes in text files, like your list of things to be done.User-friendliness is not its strong point, however. Some users get along fine with Vi in small doses. Moreover, with Vi editor so deeply ingrained in their files and helped to manage the design whole websites with it. The recent Vim extensions offer extra functionality, recent features like including syntax highlighting and many new editing commands, as well as mouse support and graphical versions.

PICO Editor

To help users speed their emails along with the pine email system, the pico text editor was developed.

Talk about small – at the last count, pico had all of a dozen commands available, which it helpfully displays at the bottom of the text editing area.The pico and nano text editors including the beautiful and small design of objectives to become an open-source version of Pico editor.

This text editor includes some more features like smooth scrolling, search and replace options. This Pico text editor allows you to use the mouse pointer or any other pointer devices which used to position the cursor and the activate commands on the shortcuts bar at the bottom of the screen.

The pico and nano will check with you before making an action definitive and irrevocable, like vaporizing a file.

Types of Editors Used in SSH to Edit and manipulate files

  • Vi
  • PICO
  • Gedit
  • Emas
  • Kate

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