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Search engines are the backbone of every internet use, but are you aware of hidden tips and tricks available to improve your search, here are some pointers that will save you googling ‘how to Google’.

Search Exact Phrases in google:

If you are looking for an exact phrase, use the quotation marks. If the quotation gives the exact website will be displayed.

Exclude a word:

Add a dash before a word to exclude a search term, this is useful to searching for a word with several meanings.

Search within a Site:

The particular site will be displayed when the colon between the site and domain.

Search similar:

Find the sites with similar content to URL that you have already known. The colon between the related and domain name.

Find the news related to particular location:

To find the stories coming from a particular location. The “location:” will be given to finding the stories from the particular location.

Search a particular file type:

Google will restrict the result to pages that end in the suffix. The “filetype: suffix” should be given to finding the particular file type.

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