What is State Of Authority (SOA Record) of a Domain?


SOA record also known as the State of Authority is the information stored in a DNS zone. This information is about the DNS records and zone. Each zone contains a single State of Authority record. These records are used to determine the zone that propagates to the secondary nameservers. A default SOA record will be created for each domain added in the system using DNS made easy and it can be customized easily. When this record is properly updated and optimized in the DNS, it increases the speed of the website by reducing the bandwidth between the nameservers even when the primary DNS server is down. 

SOA record stores the information about

  • The primary name server for the domain.
  • The responsible party for the domain.
  • The timestamp that changes whenever the domain is updated.
  • The number of seconds a secondary name server should wait for checking the updates.
  • The number of seconds a secondary name server should wait before a failed refresh is retried.
  • The upper limit in seconds before a zone is considered authoritative.
  • The default number of seconds for time-to-live(TTL) file on resource records.



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