Features of File Manager in cPanel

cPanel is a web hosting control panel for Linux. It provides an user-friendly interface for handling the website. The file manager is one of the interfaces in cPanel, that is used to handle the files. The file manager interface is very easy and understandable and it contains the following features.

FileManager features

FileManager features

Task Bar(Red outline)- Here you can view the basic functionalities like creating new file and folder, delete the file/folder, edit, compress, permission etc..

Current Location(orange outline)- This tells you where you are currently located.

File Tree(green outline)-  This is also for navigation, but shows you a visual representation of how your files are structured.

Current Folder content(pink outline)- This lets you know what the contents are of the current folder you are in.

Menu Items in File: 

New File and New Folder– You can create new files and new folders with these menu items.

Copy and Move Files– You can copy files and folders into the same or other folders. You can also move them easily.

Delete– To delete files, simply click on Delete.

Upload and Download– An FTP client is no longer needed to upload and download files and folders. You can simply do it via these buttons.

Edit, code Editor, HTML Editor– You can even edit text-based files like HTML, PHP and text files with the help of these menu items. No need to use web page editors for small changes.

Permission–  Change file and folder permissions using this option.

View– View files by clicking this button.

Extract– Have too many files to upload? Just compress it and upload it in a ZIP file and extract it with this button.

Compress– You can download many files by compressing it in a specific type.


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