Steps to allow Remote MySQL connection in WHM

To prevent potential security risks to MySQL server, by default remote MySQL connections are disabled in cPanel servers. Remote MySQL connections can be allowed either through Web Host Manager (WHM) or through cPanel (for specific databases created under that cPanel account). Before you check out following methods, make sure that port 3306 is opened in your server firewall. To allow remote MySQL connection in WHM, follow the below steps

Step 1: Login to WHM with the username and password

Step 2: Locate SQL Services section and click on Additional MySQL Access Hosts option

Step 3: Enter the IP address or the host which is to be allowed and click the option ‘save’

Step 1 Login to WHM
whm login

Enter the username and password

Step 2 Locate SQL Services section and click on Additional MySQL Access Hosts link.

Go to SQL services option

Step 3 Enter IP address or host(s) that you wish to grant remote MySQL access to and save it by clicking the Save button. If you want to activate these settings for all cPanel accounts, click on Click Here link at the bottom. Now, the remote connection will be activated in the WHM. Each cPanel account that wants to use remote connection needs to activate it as follows.
Remote mysql

Enter the IP address or host and click ‘save’ option


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