Edit a file using File Manager in cPanel account

A file can be edited directly on the server using File Manager in a cPanel account. It can be done simply by using the code editor in cPanel File Manager. You can also create, edit or modify, delete a file using File Manager. To edit a file in cPanel account, follow the below steps

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Step 2: Select the option File Manager under the section Files

Step 3: A list of files and folders available in the cPanel account can be viewed

Step 4: Select the respective file need to be edited from the available list

Step 5: To edit/modify the content in a file, click the option “Edit” at the top of the page or right-click the respective file and select the option “Edit” from the drop-down menu

Step 6: A dialog box will appear to acknowledge the file to be edited and click the button “edit” to continue

Step 7: Enter the modifications to be done and click the option “Save Changes”

Step 1 Login into the cPanel
Step 2 Click “File Manager” on the cPanel dashboard
cPanel File Manager with Paper Latern Theme

cPanel File Manager

Step 3 It will redirect you to the new window there you can view the list of files and folders available on the cPanel account.
Files and Folders on cPanel File Manager

List of Files and Folders

Step 4 Select the respective file from the available list of files.
Select the respective file cPanel from the list

Select the respective file to edit on cPanel from the list

Step 5 Click “Edit” button at top of the page or right click the file select the option edit from the drop-down option to update/modify the content in the files.
Click Edit button in the menu bar

Click Edit button/option

Step 6 Dialog box appears for acknowledging to edit the file. Click “Edit” button to continue.
Edit dialog box on cPanel file manage

Click Edit in dialog box

Step 7 Enter the new data or delete the existing data as per your wish and click “Save Changes” button at top of the page.
Enter the new text data and save the files

Enter the new text data and save the files

Step 8 Done!