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cPHulk restart Graphical Illustration

cPHulk is the one of the additional security feature only available in cPanel installed Linux servers and this feature protects your server against brute force attacks. “cPHulk Bruteforce Protection” is the inbuilt cPanel security feature that prevents the user account login against brute force attacks. When multiple failure login attempts as cPanel/WHM login, SSH login, FTP login from a single IP is done, then that particular IP address will be blocked by this cPHulk core services. We can Restart cPHulk service through WHM interface as well as SSH commands.

This cPHulk can also be assessable through terminal commands, then these below commands are used to restart the cPHulk services through SSH access.

To restart cPHulk daemon via SSH command in a soft restart manner, use the command


To perform hard restart of cPHulk, use the command

/scripts/restartsrv_cphulkd --stop
/scripts/restartsrv_cphulkd --start

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