Multitasking can be an effective skill to help manage such busy schedule. There are six ways to become a productive multitasker.

SIX ways to become a Multitasker:

Work on related tasks together:

When you switch tasks, your brain has to adjust. That takes a toll on your focus and productivity.

Avoid unnecessary distractions:

Concentrate on what you have set out to do.

Create a “to-do” list:

Having something unstructured and messy can result in extra stress. Writing it down lets you know that you have it captured.

Use procrastination to your benefit:

The change can be as good as a rest and help unlock new ideas.

Delegate when necessary:

Sometimes there will be multiple tasks with tight deadlines where you can’t possibly get everything done.

Schedule time to react:

Unexpected issues or request often come up throughout the day.


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