Choosing the right hosting plan for your website means getting the right features and enough configurations, while at the same time keeping your costs as low as possible. You can choose from several options. But how do you know which one is right for you? Here are some tips on how to choose the best web hosting plan for your site, from a business and a technical perspective.

There are various hosting plans offered by ServerCake India, but you need to Choose a suitable hosting plan for your website to be hosted to save your money in your pocket. The scope of each plan varies and it is vital to choose the right plan compatible with your business needs. Your requirement depends on what business you do, how you want your business to be and where you want to take it to. Maybe that you are just starting a small business or you want to grow your existing business or your business is huge already and want to take it to next level. The quality and reliability of your website depend on your requirement and your business goals. Hosting plans differ from each other in their components and features viz. The database, bandwidth or data traffic, disk space, speed, security, email accounts and are classified into various types depending on the composition of these elements. It is essential for you to choose a suitable hosting plan for your website as it will make you feel worthy of the money you have invested since the chosen plan meets your specific needs.

How to Choose a Suitable Hosting Plan?

If you are just starting a website or if your website has few visitors or if you feel that offering limited resources is sufficient for your website, or if you are not concerned about unregulated or fluctuating traffic flow then Shared Hosting is the best option for you. This hosting is the basic type that shares a common physical server which hosts many other accounts. As the least cost hosting plan, Shared hosting offers you the simple features necessary for your website to be hosted. ServerCake solves any service issues that may be raised during the hosting period. Choose Shared Hosting when you are not looking for guaranteed availability of the said features all the time for your Shared hosting plan as it depends on the traffic of all the other accounts which is in line to reach the server that hosts all the website accounts.

Reseller Hosting – Suitable Hosting Plan for Making Money from Hosting

Reseller hosting shall be opted if you are a business owner who in turn wants to host the websites of your clients and to have control over the server resources. This plan comes with all the essential amenities to manage the server that you buy for the allocation and provision for hosting to your customers. Choose Reseller hosting if you want to make yourself as a web host to your clients thereby you open doors to generate a new source of revenue. You may pass on any hardware and software connectivity issues raised by your clients to us and free yourself from taking on the support related loads. Pass on the support related issues to us and you may not need to hire anyone or take the burden upon yourself to handle these issues. Of course, you have the command in taking such decisions because it is ultimately your own hosting firm.

VPS Hosting – Suitable Hosting Plan for High Traffic Websites

A well equipped hosting plan when compared to shared hosting, Virtual Private Server can be opted if you want your server space to be completely isolated from others in which your partitioned space has guaranteed resources available all time. You may have the complete controlling handle to manage the resources with you or may opt for fully managed service wherein we take care of the control handle. This hosting makes you feel that you have a separate server and that gives you a sense of worthiness for the money you spend which is very economical for the valuable features and flexibility availed to you. Choose VPS hosting when you want to have a steady presence of the resources for your website with a moderate budget to purchase a plan for your website to be hosted.

Dedicated Servers – Suitable Hosting Plan for Serious Business Websites

To meet the requirements of your big business, Dedicated Server provides you the most powerful features and you shall choose this type if you want an individual server to host your websites. A complete root access is available to you through which you can utilize the server the way you need and have the freedom of choice. All the resources are exclusively dedicated and are available at any time.

We have seen here about the various situations or needs that affect the determining factors to choose a suitable hosting plan for your website resulting in good ROI corresponding to the chosen plan. Before choosing a hosting plan, you should have a clear idea about what resources you want for your website. If you are not clear then write to us and we will get back to you to suggest you to choose a suitable hosting plan.

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