A domain name is a website name which should be unique and easy to remember. It can be any combination of letters and numbers with various domain extensions like .com, .in and more. The domain names matching your brand or business can help you to build a website to promote and lead your business.

In domain services, domain plays the vital role. A domain name is a unique name which is used to identify a website.  The domain name makes use of the IP address to access the web over the internet. Each domain name is connected to a unique IP address.  So if any user types any particular domain name the IP address of the particular domain name will fetch the details from the server and the result is displayed to the client. The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to transfer the domain name into an IP address. On the web, the domain name is the part of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) which tells the server where to place the particular website.

When a system is connected over the internet it will make use of the IP address to transfer the client requested details. This is because the server can understand only numbers.  The main advantage of using a domain name is, the domain name is easy to remember whereas the IP address is tough to remember. Example for Domain name is www.abc.com.  In this example, abc is the domain name and .com is the Top Level Domain (TLD). I forgot to say, you will get a free domain with our all hosting packages!

The Domain Services Include:

  1. Domain Registration.
  2. Domain Transfer.
  3. Domain Renewal.

Domain Name Structure

What is a Top Level Domain (TLD)?

Every Domain name has a suffix which indicates which Top Level Domain it belongs to. The domain suffix is used to identify the type of the website the domain name represents. For example .com represents a commercial website, .org represents a non-profitable website. Some domain name represents country name .in represents India.


Second Level Domain (SLD)

Below the top level domain is the Second level Domain (SLD). The Second Level Domain is in the left of the Top Level Domain (TLD). For Example consider www.abc.co.in.  In this example .co is the Top Level Domain and .in is the Second Level Domain.

Domain Services – Domain Registration

The first step in domain services is the domain registration. The domain registration is reserving a particular domain for a certain period of time. The first process involved in domain registration is checking the availability of the domain name. There are certain credentials to choose the right domain name. After choosing the right domain name, the next process is registering the domain name. The domain name registration is done by the domain name registrar.

The credentials for choosing the right domain name is:

  • The domain name should be short.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Easy to type.
  • Appropriate domain name and extension according to the business.

Domain Registrar

A company which provides domain name registration services to other companies or individual is known as the domain name registrar. The individual or company who would like to register a domain name will submit their request along with the domain name and TLDs to the registrar. The registrar will register the particular domain to the user. After the registration process, the end user can make use of their domain name.

Domain Services – Domain Transfer

Domain transfer is transferring the domain name from one registrar to another. This is because when the user faces any problem with their registered registrar they will like to move from one registrar to another. If any user wants to transfer their registrar from one registrar to another they should unlock the status of their domain name to transfer their domain name.

EPP code is required transferring a domain from one registrar to another. The EPP code is the authorization key which is given by the old registrar. The user should submit their EPP code to the new registrar so that the new registrar can transfer your domain name from the old registrar. Normally within a period of 5 to 7 days the domain will be transferred from one registrar to another.

Transfer the Domain Name from One Registrar to Another in a Simple Step

  1. The domain name should be valid and it should be registered by the registrar.
  2. Domain name should be registered for at least 60 days.
  3. EPP code is required to transfer from one registrar to another.
  4. The Domain name should be in unlocked status.

Domain Services – Domain Renewal

Domain renewal is one of the domain services, After a certain period, the domain name will be deactivated. So if the user wants to retain their domain name they should renew their domain name before the domain expiration period. The domain renewal is a simple and it’s an essential to retain your domain name. The minimum period for domain renewal is 1 year.

Once the domain is expired it will be in an automatic grace period for a period of 45 days after that it will move to Redemption period of 30 days. If any user failed to renew their domain name within this period, the domain name will be automatically added to the available domain names. So to avoid this kind of problem domain renewal is necessary.

“As the whole Domain services are important and essential for a person or a company to build their own website on the internet and to develop their business”.

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Thanks for your interest. Hope the article provides you valuable information. If you have any queries on domain services, please leave your comments below.

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