A processor is an integrated electronic circuit that performs the calculation like arithmetic, logical and input/output basic instruction. The CPU or Processor handles all the basic instruction. Its basic work is to receive the input and provide the appropriate output. Here you will see, how to check processor information via SSH.

Check processor information via SSH:

The command /proc/cpuinfo is used to check the processor information via SSH.

It is a collection of CPU and system architecture dependent items to display the number of processors in the system.

Some other commands to check the CPU information

hardinfo – It is a gtk based GUI tool that generated the report about various components.

lshw – To display limited information about the CPU.

nproc – This command is just prints out the number of processing units available.

imide code – It displays information about the socket type, vendor name, and various flags.

cpuid – This command fetches CPUID information about the Intel and AMD x86 processors.

inxi – It is a script that uses other programs to generate a well-structured east to read the report about various hardware components on the system.

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