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AWStats is a free powerful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, graphically, FTP, or email server statistics. It produces visual statistics about visitors of your site and also allows accessing data from the Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) software, which compiles details about the way users access your website. To view Awstats in cPanel, follow the below steps

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Step 2: Select the option Awstats under the section Metrics

Step 3: Choose the required domain to view the statistics and click the option “view”

Step 4: The statistics will be displayed for the domain

Step 1 Login to cPanel. You can directly login through your domain URL otherwise you can access your cPanel via server URL.
Step 2 Navigate through Metrics section and choose Awstats interface.
 Navigate through Metrics section and choose Awstats interface

Click Awstats interface

Step 3  Awstats hold the visual statistics of all the domains that are present under a single panel. Using this single roof you can view the all cPanel Awstats domain statistics. 

Choose the required domain

Step 4 This visual statistics will be available on the periodic basis and it will be easy for access.
This visual statistics available on the periodic basis, it will be easy for access.

View the statistics

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