Download Available Backup via cPanel

Generating a full backup of your website is not a big deal. You can simply create a full backup of all your files, emails, and databases through cPanel or download via FTP. You can download this in two ways either a full backup or a partial backup. The full option consists of all your site’s files, emails, databases and a partial option allow you to download each of these things separately. You can do this by using a widget in the cPanel. 

We think that you have got an idea about the whole process briefly, now we’ll show you how it really works. To download the available backup files from cPanel, follow the below steps

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Step 2: Select the option Backup under Files.

Step 3: Click the button Download for downloading the available backup of an account

Step 4: The available backup can be downloaded to the local system

Step 1 Login to cPanel. You can login to your cPanel via domain URL otherwise you can directly access our server URL.
Step 2 Click Backup under the File section. Available means, if you want to recover your website files of a particular day for some reasons, then you can download it through the cPanel.
Click Backup under the File section

Click Backup

Step 3 Click the Download button and now you can take the available files successfully. You might already generate the same so that you can able to download it under cPanel.
 Click the Download button and Now you have taken an available file successfully.

Click the Download button

Step 4 Done. Now the available backup can be downloaded to your local machine.
Done. Now the available backup downloaded to your local machine.

Available backup can be downloaded

The primary purpose of this is to recover the data after its loss. We can able to generate and download the available files via cPanel backup feature. It might be downloaded by .zip or tar file extension. Once you click the download option that will be automatically downloaded onto your local system. Once the file has been downloaded you can easily restore or upload it from your end. Most of the service providers enabled automatic process for an entire server.

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