How to change the default home directory in WHM?

change default home directory

Web Host Manager (WHM):

WHM or Web Host Manager is a web hosting control panel and it provides administrative control over your dedicated server or VPS. It allows the hosting provider to manage a customer’s account. WHM provides an option to set the default home directory for the user account.

All the primary domains hosted on the hosting account uses the ‘public_html’ directory by default. The subdirectories inside the public_html directory are used by the addon domains and subdomains. Only the users with a root privilege can change the default home directory of their cPanel accounts. This tutorial will help you to change the default home directory for the accounts with the below steps.

Steps to change default home directory in WHM:

Step1: Log in to WHM panel with valid Username and Password. Then navigate to the section Server Configuration.

Navigate to Server Configuration

Step 2: Select the option Basic Web Host Manager Setup to change the directory settings in it.

Select Basic WHM Config SetupStep 3: Scroll down and find the section Basic Config. Or select the Tab Basic Config as mentioned in the below image.

Find Basic Config Tab

Step 4: Here you can see the default Home directory set by the administrator. You can enter the location where you wish for new users home directories to be created by clicking the second tab.

Default Directory Location

Step 5: Remove the default home directory location and update a new location as per your wish.

Enter desired directory location

Step 6: Now click Save Changes in the bottom. Thus, the default home directory will be changed successfully in your WHM panel.

We hope that this tutorial will be helpful to change the home directory by the root users of the WHM administrative panel. For more information, follow us on social media like Twitter and Facebook. For video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel ServerCake India.


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