WordPress is the most popular Content Management System. It’s an open source, online website creation tool and developed with PHP. WordPress is easy to use and design of your website is 100% customization. Website speed is an important thing, now you will see the WP Super Cache Plugin for increasing the speed of a WordPress website.


A Cache is a place that to store the data temporarily in the computing environment. The recent data will be cached to shorten the data for the access times, to reduce the latency and to improve input/output (I/O).

WP Super Cache:

Caching mechanisms helps to save the server execution time and reduce the page load time. The WP Super Cache plugin creates the static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After the creation, the created HTML file will be served by the web server instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.
This static HTML file is served to 99% of visitors where one cached file can be served thousands of times. Other visitors will be served custom cached files. If they logged in to the website, those details will be cached for them.

Advantages of WP Super Cache:
  1. WP Super Cache is to work especially well with a low-powered server.
  2. This Plugin supports for Microsoft Window, and automatic updating of your .htaccess file or during heavy traffic.
  3. WP Super Cache has different ways of caching.
  4. This plugin has CDN and mobile support.
  5. Scheduler clears cached pages to keep them.
  6. Ability to export settings for use on another website and pre-caching to deliver pages quickly.
  7. Comperes for all pages.

Search engines consider that the speed of the website will be an important factor for website rankings. Caching concept helps to improve the speed of the website as well as balancing huge spikes in traffic. However, WP super cache is an additional option for WordPress users to having the optimal website. We hope that this article will give an idea about the WP super cache plugin. For more information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For video tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel “ServerCake India“.

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