What is an Email?

The Email (also known as Electronic Mail, e-post) refers to the transmission of messages over communication networks. As an electronic method of messaging, it is fast and convenient, and includes all the steps of the delivery of a message to a recipient – writing, sending, receiving and saving. Received messages can be handled in many ways – it can be stored in a text file, forwarded to other users or just deleted.

The contents of email messages are the text or files which some lines of keyboard typed and it stored on a computer or both. Email is one of the fundamental method of business communication worldwide due to its flexibility and reliability. The best features are that messages can be sent to many users simultaneously.

Email Forwarding

The Email forwarding is used to automatically direct an email from one address to a different email address. This is a most important tool for many people with domain names who would like to customize email addresses but do not want to create an additional account for each domain. For an example, if you had an existing email address of email@email.com, and then registered the domain newdomain.com, you could use email forward to direct sales@newdomain.com to your existing email@email.com email address.

Steps to create an Email Forwarder in Plesk:

Step: 1 Login to the Plesk Panel.login

Step:2 Click the option “Email Addresses”.email

Step:3 Now the email addresses dialog box will get open and Create the Email Address with its details and click OK.


Step:4 Fill the required email creation details and Click “Apply” and Click “OK“.

fill email id
Step:5 The email id will be created.Select Email id

Step:6 Click the email-id and which you need to enable the forwarder. To Forward, Click the Option “Forwarding” and enable the option “Switch on mail forwarding”. Then mention the email id that to be forwarded and click Apply and OK.

Step:7 You email Forwarded will be enabled for you.Enable Forwarder

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