The Media Settings is located at the submenu in the Settings on WordPress. This is used to set the width and the height of the images which you are going to use on your website. It can work with the website design to limit the image size to the appropriate height and width. It also helps to ensure that bigger images do not distort the display of the website.

Steps to Configure Media Setting:

The default media settings can be adjusted to fix the images and other media in writing posts and pages. There are two options used in configuring the Media Settings. The first option is to set the Image size and the second option is to select where the uploaded media will be stored. Let us see the below steps to configure media settings in WordPress.

Step 1 − Click the option Settings → Media in

Step 2 − The Media Settings page is displayed as seen in the below screenshot.Sub-menu

The following sub menus on the Media settings are,

  • Thumbnail size − This option is used to set the size of the thumbnail.
  • Medium size − This option is used to set the height and width of medium size images.
  • Large size − This option is used to set the width and height of larger images.
  • Uploading files − The uploaded image will be arranged into year and month based folder after checking this checkbox. If it is unchecked, then the images will be stored in /wp-content/uploads directory.

Step 3 − After setting the dimension in pixels, click on the Save Changes button. It will save your media setting information.

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