Sidebar Below Content:

Many reasons can cause the Sidebar Below Content Error. An HTML file or CSS file can cause this error. This error shows your sidebar which is positioned in the left side or right side, below the content. Too many tags can also produce Sidebar Below Content error. It means your sidebar will be no longer next to the main content. Instead, it will be moved below the main content. Tags that are wrongly placed in the codes will cause this error and break your page layout. This error can be easily fixed by the following methods.

If your error is in HTML code:

Sidebar Below Content can be caused by the div tag that hasn’t been correctly closed in theme files. It may have an extra <div> or </div> tag that need to be deleted. You can use an HTML validator tool to find the misplaced tags by validating your code.

If the error is in CSS code:

Sometimes the fault happens in the theme’s style.css coding part. If you change the code recently that may also cause this error. Also, the height and width settings for an element can break the page layout. Otherwise, float property will be incorrectly used or terminated in your CSS code part. You can use firebug to spot the cause like it. You can also check with the code validators like w3c CSS validation service which will help you to find the mistake very easily.

Other causes:

If you recently added a plugin to the site means that also could be one of the possible reason to throw you the Sidebar Below Content error. But when you are using the custom theme then there is a possibility to cause the error. Because the custom themes may have some of the issues like improper width ratio. You should keep things proportional to the container width.

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