Theme and Template are playing the important role for website design. The article illustrates the Theme VS Template.

What is Theme:

A theme edict the look and style of your website.Your theme is made up of font types and sizes, your color scheme and other areas that affect the beauty of your site. Your theme helps to reflect your identity on your site. It helps to improve your customer’s experience.

The WordPress Theme modify the design of your website, often including its layout.

Design Template:

A Template is a layout of your website. It provides the structure your website and it contains layouts, thems colors, themes fonts, theme effects and background styles and content also.

Theme VS Design Template:

Theme means a whole and complete design for websites. It includes all of the things associated with web design. Theme contain footer, color selection header, sidebar positioning and also control font face, style, margins and line space.

Template means overall site design. It’s a layout of a single page website on your site then it’s not a whole site design.