A SQL file is a simple text file which contains a list of SQL queries inside it. It contains SQL code to modify the contents of a relational database. The SQL statements can create and modify the database structures and other SQL operations.

Steps to import SQL file using phpMyAdmin:

The MySQL file backup can be imported into your database directly through phpMyAdmin in cPanel. First, create a database in cPanel and assign users to it. Then you can directly import the SQL file in it which will take just a few minutes time. Follow the below steps to import a SQL file into the database.

Step 1: Login to cPanel, access the database through the option phpMyAdmin.

Select the option phpMyAdmin

Step 2: Select the database in which files have to be imported and go to the tab ‘Import’.

Select the database to upload file

Step 3: Upload the SQL file through the option ‘Choose File’ with the format .sql.zip. The maximum upload limit is 50Mb.

Choose a sql file and upload it

Step 4: Browse the .sql file in the local and then click the option ‘Go’. Now the files will be imported into the database.


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