When you are on the Linux server and cPanel/WHM installation, its some time happen that you may not access your cPanel/WHM interface due to various unexpected reasons. This would happen when your WHM utility crashes or your cPanel license expires whereas while, you should have to change your cPanel or FTP passwords to accomplish an urgent task. Thus we need to know about reset user account password through terminals which would help us to keep our head away from such unavoidable situations. In this article, we are going to explain you about resetting your cPanel account password using SSH commands.

To accomplish this task you should be privileged with your Server root SSH access.

Step 1: Login to your server as root, you may do it using putty or any SSH client applications.

Step 2: Once you logged in your server then do verify your cPanel user account name by navigating through the home directory or the exact directory where it resides (Typically it is under the home directory).

cPanel user account

Step 3: Now run the below command to change your cPanel user account password.

cPanel user account

/scripts/chpass yourusername yournewpassword

Step 4: After executing the above command you might face a warning error message which prevents you to from changing the password. The warning message meant you that “This password change will not affect your FTP, SSH accounts associated with your cPanel account, so it’s recommended to do this password changes via cPanel/WHM interface“.

cPanel user account

Step 5: To bye pass this warning message you should run the below command.

cPanel user account


Step 6: Now repeat Step 3 once again and you will see the “password changed successfully” message.

cPanel user account

Step 7: As we intimated above, this password change will not affect your FTP accounts so you are advised to run the below command to sync FTP passwords too.