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Lite-speed Cache is one of the sites acceleration plugin tools which helps improve the performance for websites with high traffic. Litespeed cache has similar to apache md_cache but implemented in a more efficient way.

About Litespeed cache for WordPress:

The Lite-speed Cache for WordPress(LSCWP) plugin helps to improve the WordPress site performance by taking advantage of the LiteSpeed web server’s built-in page cache. The cache page stores the content from dynamically-generated pages and it helps faster page load times for visitors. installing LSCWP is an easy way, and its defaults settings are supported for most websites. the plugin provides a user-friendly environment that enables you to customize a wide range of settings.

Installing the plugin:

Follow the below steps to install LSCWP on your WordPress site:
Step 1: Login to your WordPress admin Dashboard and go to Plugin > > Add New

Add new
Step 2: In the Search plugin text box, type Litespeed cache, and then press enter:

Litespeed cache
Step 3: Locate the Lite-speed cache, click the install now the option.

Install now
Step 4: After completed installations, click Activate.

Configuring the plugin:

After complete installations Lite-speed cache plugin, you can find completed customized settings for your site. To do this follow these steps:

Step 1: Login as administrator in your WordPress site.
Step 2: In the left sidebar, Click Litespeed Cache and click settings. The Litespeed cache settings page shows.

Lite-speed cache settings
Step 3: If you make any changes to the settings, click save changes to save the new configuration.

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