Before jumping into this answer, let us know what is a module in the kernel. These details would help us to understand the answer some better.

Kernel modules:

Kernal modules are nothing but the pieces of code. These codes can be loaded or unloaded on the kernel based upon the environment demand.

By using below command, we can list the loaded available module of the kernel through the command line. This command may need a root access to the system in order to list out the modules.


The output of the above command may contain the below three columns that provide more information about the loaded modules.

Module: This field represents the name of the respective modules.

Size: This field represents the size of the module.

Used by: This field represents the dependent module using it.

Use the below command in order to view the specific loaded module,

lsmod | grep modulename

In the above command, replace model name field with the name of the module that you want to view.

To know more about the kernel, click here.

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