ServerCake offers KernelCare for VPS and dedicated servers as an additional feature. The users no longer need to bring their servers for the server security patching. It will be installed in minutes without the need to reboot the server. KernelCare allows us to get clean information about the current and newly discovered kernel vulnerabilities.

KernelCare patching supports most popular Linux distributions such as

  • CentOS
  • RedHat
  • CloudLinux
  • Debian
  • OpenVZ
  • Ubuntu
  • Proxmox

Features of KernelCare:

  • Keep your server always on
  • Never miss critical patch
  • Installed in Minutes
  • Latest security and stability upgrades

Why ServerCake using KernelCare on our Servers?

  • To improve the server security
  • To improve the server performance
  • Lower operating costs for server management
  • To deliver best services to our customers

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