WordPress is a Software, it evolved throughout the years into a different content management system CMS and it’s a most known fact about it. While that you use WordPress for basic blogs to the high-level websites since enterprises tend to deal with high-end web solutions that involve a large volume of content, scalability issues and high traffic, different security constraints and other business-oriented requirements.


The Plesk is one of the Windows web hosting platform, is more than a control panel for its users. Once it gets installed, that it allows simple handling of a number of difficult tasks with its ready to code environment, multi-server management and easy to access the dashboard.

The latest version – Plesk Onyx offers solid control and features to simplify the lives of web developers and features providers, worldwide.

  • The Plesk allows them to create safe and fail proof web applications quickly with support for GitHub and Docker.
  • The Plesk that used to helps them to focus on more productive tasks while spending less time on server and site administration by offering WordPress Toolkit and intuitive control panel for centralized management.
  • The Plesk used to Provides framework ready environment for NGINX, Apache with PHP, Python, Ruby, and support for CDN, Let’s Encrypt, SSL & FreeSSL and more.
  • The Plesk that Offers multiple server management capabilities with intelligent server maintenance.

The Plesk panel that used to allows installation of a number of content management systems- WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, with just one click installation.

WordPress is the most popular Application and it widely used CMS all over the world. It actually controls the application installations in Plesk. It comprising almost two-thirds of all, the known applications installed on Plesk servers.

Installing WordPress

To installing a new WordPress instance, go to the option of WordPress and click the button Install. The following installation options are available:

  • For an express installation, click Install (Quick). The latest version of WordPress will be installed, and the default settings will be used in the Plesk panel.
  • If you want to change the default installation settings, click the option Install (Custom). It enables you to set up the administrator user and select the desired WordPress version on it, then the user can specify the database name which they like and then select auto-update settings, and more.
  • Another way, We can navigate the WordPress files into the root folder “htdocs”, so that WordPress can get installed.

Steps to Install WordPress on Plesk Panel:

Step:1 Login to Plesk Panel.

Step:2 For the quick installation, click the WordPress “Install” Option on the Plesk Panel.Install

Step:3 The WordPress will ask the confirmation to get install the WordPress application on the Plesk.Continue to install

Step:4  The WordPress has been started installed and the dialog box will get appear, in that the installing process will be get displayed.Install wordpress

Step:5 The WordPress gets installed and the dialog box will get displayed once the WordPress get installed.Install completed


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