FTP(File Transfer Protocol):

The File Transfer Protocol is commonly used to transfer the files from users local systems to a server on a network. FTP uses a client-server architecture in which users provide a username and password to access the FTP secured with SSL/TLS. FTP supports browser-based access and the user need not require any additional software to transfer the files.

Connecting Through Windows command prompt:

The user can access the FTP with the help of command prompt, the user can send and receive the email through commands. The following steps help you to connect the FTP through the command line.

Step1: Open your command line and type FTP and press Enter. Once FTP command is executed, use the open command to connect to the FTP server.

In the above example, you can use the IP or domain name of where you are trying to connect.

Step 2: Once connected, a username and password prompt will appear, once the credentials have been entered the server allows transferring the files

Send and receive a file through FTP:

To download the file from the server on to your computer, use the get command as shown in the below example.
Example: get index.html

To send files from your local computer to server, you can use the send command, follow the below command.
send login.html

It is an important one that the files being sent must be in your local working directory, which is the directory you were in when you typed the FTP command.

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