About Wildcard SSL:

Wildcard SSL  saves your money because the Wildcard SSL  secure an unlimited number of the first level subdomains on a single domain name. Here you will see the Wildcard SSL and how to create CSR  for Wildcard SSL.

For example, the main domain name is demo.com. you have the wildcard SSL for the main domain and you can use it like below subdomain without any error.





How to generate CSR for Wildcard SSL?

Step 1: Login into respective  domain cPanel.

Step 2: Goto security section and click the SSL/TLS.

Step 3: Click the Certificate request link.

Step 4: Enter the domain name as *. domo.com and filled the details in it.

Step 5: Finally click the generate option.

Then send the generated CSR for certificate authority and purchased the wildcard SSL and upload it.

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