delete file folder in cPanel using File Manager

Delete File Folder in cPanel File Manager

Remove / Delete File and Folder on cPanel Server

We can delete file and folder on the cPanel server by using File Manager. To delete a file or folder, follow the below steps

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Step 2: Select File Manager under the section Files

Step 3: Choose a file or folder which is to be deleted from the list

Step 4: Click the button Delete at the top of the menu bar

Step 5: Then move it to trash and click the button ConfirmĀ 

Step 1 Login to cPanel account.
Step 2 Select the option File Manager under the section Files.

Select File Manager

Step 3 Choose the file or folder from the list which is to be deleted.
Copy Move delete in cPanel

Choose File

Step 4 Click Delete Button on the top of the menu.

Click Delete on the menu

Step 5 Then move it to the trash by clicking the option ‘Confirm’.

Click Confirm button to delete

Step 6 Done! Now you have successfully deleted a file.

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