The default files and folders in cPanel

When we create a new cPanel account, you can find the default files and folders in the section File Manager. Here we mention some default files and folders in cPanel


The mail folder stores the detailed information about the mail data.


This is the default folder found in the mail folder. mail/new stores the incoming emails which are marked as not received by IMAP.


This is also the default folder for emails which holds the mail that is being on the server.


This is a temporary directory for mail.


This directory has the temporary files created by cPanel. It can also be used by third party scripts for holding their own temporary files.


This folder stores information related to your website.


your website lives and publicly available over the Internet once you should upload the files and images to it.


This folder is a CGI BIN directory.


This folder stores the images that are uploaded to your website.


This folder contains the files that are accessible over the FTP. It can allow the users to view, download and delete files from the folder.


The .htaccess file found inside the public_html folder. It is the main default file for the pages served on the cPanel account over HTTP. It is a default configuration file used on web servers for running the Apache Web Server software.


This folder is found in the File Manager section. It stores the files and folders that are moved to the trash.

.well known:

This is a default folder created by cPanel to validate your domain for the AutoSSL purpose. It will be created at the time of domain validation process as a part of an AutoSSL installation.

tmp/analog: Temporary files for generation of analog states for your website.

tmp/AWStats: Temporary and configuration files for generation of AWStats for your website.

tmp/cpbandwidth: Temporary directory for tracking bandwidth usage through cPanel.

tmp/awstats/ Configuration file for generation of AWStats for a website.

tmp/cpbandwidth/ Number of bytes transferred by

tmp/webalizer: Temporary files for generation of Webalizer HTTP stats for your website.