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Some tips to create a perfect social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are given below

For Facebook:

1. Be responsive:

Always be active to respond to the queries and inquiries.

2. Add Link:

Provide a link to the website as more traffic is required for a website.

3. Keep Things Positive:

Encourage your followers with positive and inspiring posts.

4. Be Mobile Friendly:

Be sure that your posts are mobile friendly as the maximum of the users uses Facebook on mobile.

5. Create Engagement Posts:

Keep your followers to engage in the posts with frequent informative posts.

For LinkedIn:

1. Maintain Consistency:

Be consistent and active in your postings for remaining active in the LinkedIn Stream.

2. Short and Crisp posts:

Make your posts as clear, accurate, concise, and informative.

3. Connect with fans:

Interact with the users who comments on your posts for building a relationship with the followers.

4. Research and analysis:

Do proper research and analysis on the post whether it is relevant.

5. URL shortner:

Provide an URL shortner for redirecting the followers to a relevant page.

For Twitter:

1. Provide CTA:

CTA means Call To Action. It is an image or line of text which redirects the user to perform an action.

2. Retweet:

A retweet can further engage the followers.

3. Be Clear and Precise:

Always be clear in conveying the posts to the users.

4. Use Mentions:

Using Mentions can increase the users to engage themselves.


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