Create a MySQL Database in cPanel

This article is about creating a MySQL Database in cPanel. When you need to create MySQL Database for your own purpose, you can create database by following these steps,

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Step 2: Go to the section Database and select the option MySQL Database

Step 3: In MySQL database, create a new database by entering the database name. Then click the option Create Database

Step 4: Once the database is created, a successful message will be displayed

Step 5: If the database is available already, it displays an error message

Step 1 Login to cPanel.
Step 2 Click MySQL Database under Database section. It has all the specific feature to create and manage Database.
Select the option MySQL database

Select MySQL Database

In this Section, we can create a New Database, New User, Assign the user to the particular database along with user privileges

Step 3 Go to  MySQL -> Create New Database -> Enter the New Database name. Then click Create Database.
Create a new database name

Create new Database

Note: The database name should not be existing in the database. It must be in alphanumeric characters and no other Special character is allowed to use except underscore. Before clicking the option Create Database, the textbox should not be empty.

Step 4 After clicking the option Create Database, it displays the successful message.
A successful message for database created

Database is created

Step 5 If the database is already available, it displays an error message.

An error message when database is already available

Step 6 Done!


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