Thunderbird is an open source email client. They can manage the multiple emails, newsgroup, and news accounts and supports multiple identities within an account an features such as quick search, advanced message filtering, grouping message, saved search folders and labels help manage and find messages.
It’s easy to install and configure the mail account. Here you will see how to create the Email group on Thunderbird.
In this article, you can assume already configure the one email account on Thunderbird. Now you can create the email group for the particular mail account.
For example, is a college website, you have the mail id for college like that
The principal of college like to say one same information to all departments. In that situation, the Email group used to send the message at the same time to all departments.
Sender Email id: is a sender email id
ReceiverMail id:

Steps to create the Email group on Thunderbird:

Step: 1 Open the Thunderbird Email Client.
Step: 2 Click the tools option in the top menu bar.
Email client
Step: 3 Enter the Address book option and click the new list option in it.
Address book
Step: 4 Now see one mailing list box, fill the required field.
Step: 5 List name: Enter group name and also nickname.
Description: Here you will put some required words.
Mailing List: Here you will put the required email id’s and click ok button.
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