Web Disk:

Web Disk or Web Dav is a protocol that supports to access your files easily on the web from your Personel Computer. It allows you to create a folder on your computer that connects to your hosting account directly and allows you to manage and control files on the web as easy as if they were stored on your local computer.

You can access your cPanel files manager or access to your remote storage directly from your Mobile Phone devices through Web Disk feature in cPanel.

To access your Web account through mobile devices you need to install a software application on your mobile. Also, you have to configure this disk account both in cPanel Web disk feature and on your mobile phone devices.

 Web Disk

cPanel Web Disk

The above image illustrates the account configuration interface in cPanel Web disk feature. Fill the necessary details and desired directory and create a new account.

Follow the below steps to configure a disk account on your mobile device.

Step 1: Download the Software application and run it on your mobile device.

Application link for Ios: goo.gl/aEiEiq

Application link for Android: goo.gl/r4NpU8

Step 2: Add your server by providing the following below information in the appropriate places.

Name — A label for the connection to help you identify the site.
Domain name — The domain that you wish to connect to with Web account disk.
Select whether you wish to use an SSL or Non-SSL connection.

Username — Your Web account username.
Password — Your Web account password.

Step 3: Once you complete every setup you may upload files and folders through your mobile device.

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