Configure Email Account on AquaMail

This article is about the Configuration of an Email Account on Android mobile using AquaMail. To configure an email account you have to download the AquaMail Android mobile Application from the Google Play and Open the application to configure an Email account.

For configuring the email account on AquaMail, follow the below steps

Step: Click set up account on the screen

Step 2: For configuring emails, click the radio button “Internet mail” and click OK

Step 3: Enter the email address and password in the respective field and click OK

Step 4: Enter the username for the account and click Save button

Step 5: To view additional commands and settings, long press an account

Step 6: On smart folder, view the list of email accounts configured on AquaMail

Step 7: Click on the email account and view the emails such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and Deleted

Step 8: Here the emails can be viewed and swipe down to refresh the mailbox

Step 1 Click set up an account on the screen.
Setup an Account on AquaMail

Setup an Account on AquaMail

Step 2 Click the radio button “Internet Mail” to configure the Webmails and click “OK”.
Select Internet Mail Option

Select Internet Mail Option

Step 3 Enter the E-mail address and password on respective fields and click “Next”.
File the details on the Fields

Fill the details in the fields

Note: If you need you can view the password by clicking the checkbox “Show Password“.

Step 4 Enter the Username for the account and click “Save” button.
Outgoing setting on AquaMail

Fill the Details for Outgoing Settings

Step 5 As displayed on the image to view the additional command and setting long press an account.
Long Press an Email Account on AquaMail

Long Press an Account for Additional Commands on AquaMail

Step 6 On Smart Folder you can view the list of email accounts which you have configured on the AquaMail Android Application.
Smart Folders

Smart Folders on AquaMail

Step 7 To view the emails such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Deleted. Click on the email account it is a toggled menu.
Click on Email Account

Click on Email Account to View

Step 8 Here is the emails which you have received from the other mail account. Swipe down to refresh the mailbox.
Email Account on Android mobile using AquaMail

The Email account is configured successfully.

Step 9 Done!

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