Every webmaster wants their website to load faster in a secure way. CloudFlare is one of the known Content delivery network(CDN) and it helps your site to load faster with numerous server network. It’s recommended to use the SSL/TLS certificate for every website to increase the security level. Though you have implemented your htaccess code to force site use https secure connection it could not work on some occasions when your website is integrated with CloudFlare. It may happen due to some improper settings on CloudFlare’s redirection part rarely. It does not exist for every domain integrated with CloudFlare and SSL certificate.

In this article, we have illustrated to force redirect https through Cloudflare’s “Always Use HTTPS settings”. To accomplish this you should have CloudFlare integration for your website and follow the below-listed procedures to complete it.

Steps to enable CloudFlare’s ‘Always use HTTPS’ to redirect https to your website:

Step 1: Login to your CloudFlare panel using appropriate user email and password

Always Use HTTPS

Step 2: Navigate to the drop-down menu at the right corner page of your CloudFlare dashboard and choose your domain

Always Use HTTPS

Step 3: Now go to the “Crypto” Section and choose “Always use HTTPS” feature and enable the same. Now, the redirection from https to https will be enabled. It is applicable to the domain with active SSL certificate.

Always Use HTTPS

Step 4: Now you have forced your CloudFlare setup to redirect https from http.