What is NameServer?

First thing, you will need to know about the Domain Name System (DNS). Then only, you will understand about the Nameserver. This article used to know about, what is DNS and Nameserver and you will see, how to check Nameserver using Linux terminal.

About Domain Name System and Nameserver:

DNS is a type of storing and translating system used to access the website on the internet. The DNS system translates the human easy memorable website name into the respective IP address.

A NameServer maintains a directory of domain names that match certain IP address. In other words, it’s where the DNS server records for your domain are stored, allowing you to decide which hosting provider controls your web space and email.

A Nameserver is a computer that is permanently connected to the internet and translates domain names into IP address. In easy words, nameservers define your current DNS provider.

How to check the NameServer using Linux terminal?

The following Linux terminal command is used to check the Nameserver.

dig yourdomainname.com