Web Host Manager – WHM

WHM or Web Host Manager is a popular administrative control panel used to control the cPanel users accounts. The resellers and Dedicated server users can get the privilege to access the WHM panel. Users can easily manage any kinds of websites with the help of WHM. WHM panel provides the option to modify, upgrade and downgrade an account and also monitor the account and resources usage, control the usage as per the resource as per available resources.

Steps to Change default Language in Your WHM:

If you wish to change the display language of your WHM administrative panel, then WHM provides an option to change the default language in your WHM. This tutorial shows you how to change the default language with the below steps.

Step 1: Log into your WHM admin interface with valid username and password.

Step 2: Navigate to Tweak settings option from the left-hand menu.

Step 3: Click on the System tab.

Step 4: Scroll down and find the Server Locale option. From the drop-down list,  select the default language that you wish to change.

Step 5: Select your language and scroll down the page, click on the Save button to activate your language.

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