Behind Google Search

Google is the most popular search engine which helps in browsing the web pages on the Internet. Without search engines like Google, it is impossible to browse the web. It uses a special algorithm for generating the results. Here the process behind google search is described below

When a user request for a search like, the HTTP request will be generated and sent to the router/modem. The router changes the private IP address into a public IP address and passes it to the Internet Service Provider (ISP). ISP will connect to the CDN(Content Delivery Network) / DNS (Domain Name Servers) that translate the domain name into IP address. The DNS will be resolved and sent back to the user system. Then the resolved IP address will be passed to the destination server through worldwide network devices and the designated server’s ISP provider. The response for the user request can be passed from the destination server to the user system through destinated server’s ISP and then to the router. Then the response will be again passed to the user’s ┬áISP and to the router which will be then displayed on the user’s browser. The HTTP response will be received by the system and finally, the browser will interpret the response.

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