SOAP stands for Simple Object Oriented Protocol. SOAP is an XML- based messaging protocol for exchanging information between computers. It’s platform and language independent protocol. SOAP can be used in a variety of messaging systems and can be delivered via a variety of transport protocols, the initial focus of SOAP is remote procedure calls transported via HTTP. The SOAP includes the framework like DCOM, CORBA, and Java RMI provides similar functionality to SOAP, but the messages of SOAP are written entirely in XML and are therefore uniquely platform.

Message structure of SOAP

SOAP Message includes the following structure element

The Envelope is a mandatory element and used to define the start and the end of the message.

The Header is an optional element and it contains any attributes of the message.

The Body is a mandatory element and it contains the XML data comprising the message being sent.

The Fault is an optional element and it used to display the information about errors that occur while processing the message. 

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